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Biorhythmic Drawing

Daksha Patel is an artist working at the intersection of science, drawing and visualisation. We worked together on a short-term installation at The Grand Exposition, an exhibition in Talbot Mill, Manchester. This initial version used EEG readings to affect a “drawing guide” that each user was following, creating a biofeedback of sorts. This quick example was developed and became part of her exhibition, “Biorhythmic Drawing”, at the Waterman Gallery, London.
For the installation, I developed a custom public interface that would measure a user’s heart rate and galvanic skin response over a short period, and use this data to affect the drawing guide.

Image Credit: ‘Biorhythmic drawing’ exhibition at Watermans Art Centre, London 2017; a solo show by artist Daksha Patel, photography by Steve Isles

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