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Subatomic & Particle Shrine

I was initially tasked by artist Christo Squier with sonifying live data from the Super-Kamiokande Neutrino, so that the artist might base compositions and live improvisation on the output. Initially I produced a program (nickname: MidioKande) written in Processing that would scrape data from the live updates and produce MIDI chords. I also produced a DMX converter box that would change studio lighting based on the output from a cosmicWatch cosmic ray detector. Both of these processes were used in a live performance at Snape Maltings (Subatomic), documented here.

The next stage of the project was building a large scale installation (Particle Shrine) that generates audiovisual output from the Super-Kamiokande data and local cosmic ray detectors. This installation opened in October 2022 and will remain open at Science Gallery London until January 2023.

The installation is explained in great detail here.

Image credit to Matt Jolly,

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