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Manchester Mini Maker Faire

So, I’ve spent the last two days showing the three midi inputs I’ve made to the general public, and the good news is that two of them are durable and flexible enough to be used for this. The tap detector didn’t fare so well, there being a little too much ambient noise to put it to use. However, I do have plans to improve it and build in noise cancelling algorithms.

I also met and saw a number of other great and talented exhibitors:

James Medd – An artist, maker and musician –

Iain Sharp – Beautiful little custom synths and cycle pong! –

Rodrigo Constanzo – Innovative electronic musician –

The Manchester Hackspace (HAC MAN) – a bunch of electronics geniuses –

The Manchester Girl Geeks – Especially Amy Mather for her Arduino Volcano –

Also, check out the work of Susan Thomason!

Apologies to those not included here – I was impressed by every stall at the maker faire and will certainly be attending events like this again. I also intend to join the Manchester hackspace when I have a free Wednesday evening!

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