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Any recent visitors to my blog might have noticed that it is lacking in recent posts. I want to reassure you that I haven’t lost momentum – just in blogging. I’m not in the habit of recording everything that I do,  although it’s probably a habit I should adopt. In the last few months I’ve made a reubens tube (short-lived – don’t use plastic pipe) and a midi-controlled air siren. Both have unfortunately been demolished to make way for other projects, and I didn’t even think to keep any record of either.

However, I have been working on something that will be here to stay. Back in September a band called Lostrites got in touch with me and asked if I’d be interested in making them a laser harp, either to use on stage or to keep around their studio as a novelty. I was, so I’ve been putting a lot of my spare time recently into putting something a bit more special than my earlier attempts. It’s not finished – but it is (finally) shaping up well.

I’ll be at the Manchester Madlab tomorrow evening presenting the instruments I had at the maker faire earlier this year. You can find out more here. I’ll also be bringing along the newest laser harp, which will unfortunately be for display only. Plenty of little things to fix before it’s useable.

Thanks go to James Medd ( and Mike Stephens ( for inviting me along to speak – it’s not something I have a lot of experience of, but you can at least expect to have any questions you might have about my instruments answered, as well as having a go!

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