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Laser Harps: A Quick Arduino Instructable

I frequently get emails asking for schematics and code for the laser harps I’ve made. For the record; I don’t mind this at all, but I always feel a little guilty when sending out the information I have – it’s patchy at best, the code is poorly commented and the schematics aren’t up to date. It would probably be a little difficult for a beginner to get a handle on things.

With that in mind, I’ve made a beginners instructable that covers the absolute basics of the code and electronics, and with the aim of using minimal parts and labour. I decided to leave the details of manufacturing a frame up to the reader, as it’s ultimately cosmetic; as long as each laser/photodiode pair is lined up correctly, the frame can be any shape you want.

You can view the instructable here.

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  1. kioskfan 9th February 2014

    You feel a little guilty? That’s crazy talk, you’ve helped me immensely! You’re doing great work.

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