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Magic 8 Box

So, among the items I purchased recently from Cool Components was this Red 16×2 LCD Display. I haven’t made anything for a couple of weeks, so I boshed out a Magic 8 Box (or a digital version of the Magic 8 Ball).

Magic 8 Box

Magic 8 Box

This thing contains all 20 original answers from the original Magic 8 Ball, and I’ve added 10 of my own. Its function is pretty straightforward – you just push the button for an answer to your yes/no question. I was pleased to be able to house it all inside the box that the LCD arrived in from cool components.

I’m using an Arduino powered by a 9V battery (although you might notice I’m using USB power above). This is a great beginner’s project, so if you want a copy of the code and a crudely drawn schematic, just contact me.

I’m going to be taking this apart soon, as I intend to use the LCD display in the next version of the laser harp, which will include (hopefully): slightly more responsive note detection (Although it’s already nearly perfect), a paint job, a MIDI reset, a display for showing scale and fundamental note, and maybe even a MIDI setup option, so you can add your own scales to the library via a MIDI in port.

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  1. From A Standing Start 12th August 2012

    That’s so cool lol. Love magic 8 ball

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